Making a Meaningful Impact

Pax Divitiae donates one day every month to enriching our community partners

The foundation of our business is Making a Meaningful Impact. At our core we believe in giving 5% of our profits to investing in our community. This is done in conjunction with dedicating one day a month to ploughing back into our community where we work. At the time being, our two community partners are The Miriam Makeba Centre for Girls in Midrand and Hope Nursery School and Day Care in Mamelodi

Hope Nursery School and Day Care

Hope Nursery School and Day Care was founded by Petunia Mashele who came to know the CEO and COO of Pax Divitiae due to working at their gym. When Mashele decided to nurture her passion and respond to a growing need she saw in her community where children needed a place to be taken care of while their parents went to work, Mashele quit her job to run the Day Care from her home in Mamelodi. After hearing about this, Pax Divitiae senior leadership made the decision to help nurture Petunia’s new venture by nominating Hope Day Care and Nursery to be one of two Pax Divitiae’s community partner. During 2021, Pax Divitiae were able to donate their time to clean, paint and clear concreate for the new play area as well as spend quality time with the learners at the day care.

The Merriam Makeba Centre for Girls

The Miriam Makeba Centre for Girls closed its doors in 2018. Since then the home which was dedicated to giving young girls aged 12-18 a safe place to land while they completed their studies closed down due tounforeseen circumstances. Since then, the facilities at the centre have become slowly deteriorated and the building has become completely unsafe to host young girls.

CEO and Founder of Pax Divitiae Phakiso Mataitsane serves on the board of trustees responsible for the centre where the main priority is to re-open the school and make use of the expansive land in Midrand to ensure that the centre is able to grow, housing even more young girls and women on the grounds safely.

This year alone, Pax Divitiae made it their mission to clear overgrown grass and bring industry experts in to access the space and discuss what was needed to not only re-open the centre, but to improve it and introduce new opportunities to the girls to learn through doing such as farming, swimming and reading.

To date, Pax Divitiae has donated a significant amount of money into the school, as well as fixed the swimming pool and donated a new pool cover to the swimming pool. Our staff members have also dedicated our time to support an event hosted on the property in honour of Youth Day hosted by Mrs South Africa finalist Pearl Osa.