In the current business landscape, it is vital to have a presence online. As a business, Pax Divitiae recognises the importance of this and provides services which compliment your business and cater to every aspect of the business which serve to enrich it, from the core of the business.

Social Media Strategy and Management

The world of social media is vast and dynamic and works in conjunction with a clear busness structure and more closely with marketing. In the modern world, a simple hashtag search could be the bridge to a new set of clients. Your Social Media Strategy must be clear, to the point and represent your business with the use of trends in the digital design, created with specific platforms in mind. We assist with all of this, ensuring that the messaging of your business is clear and concise with the use of various platforms. Our workflow involves surveying the current health of your platforms and your audience and building from that. We meet businesses and individuals where the are, catering to their platforms of choice from the below:
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Twitter and more

Motivational Speaker Services

As a business we recognise the value of keeping your employees motivated and eager to give their best. Beyond the scope of business, it remains important for individuals to be inspired and live life to the best of their capability. With the insurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, we recognise the importance of personal mastery and motivation. With our motivational services, we endeavour to bring out the best in all who are in attendance, catered to our customer's specifications.


The YouTube platform is the go-to platform for free information which educates people from all over the world. The platform is so powerful that digital entrepreneurs have been able to build a livelihood by using the platform as a springboard. We offer the tools to brainstorm, script, film, edit and market your business on the platform. This compliments our Social Media Strategy and Management as well as our Content Conceptualization, Implementation and Management offering.


Not to be confused with Social Media Strategy which purely provides a plan for your entity's online presence, Content Conceptualisation, Implemementation and Management is the act of creating the material which will live on your platforms with a pre-existing strategy in place. We are able to work according to your strategy stipulated by you or in conjunction with our own strategy. Content Conceptualization speaks to the doing aspect of what the strategy requires. Implementation and Management is the act of designing the materials which will breathe life into the strategy and ensuring that the look and feel remains consistent across the board. Our team has years of social media experience and identify as digital natives. To be fluent in online, editing tools, writing for social, identifying trends and adding value to your audience are just some of the ways we can enrich the online presence of our customers. With various growing entities and happy clients under our belt, we are ready to make an impact.